Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Pooface!!

Four weeks ago, I ordered Adam a present, unfortunately, it takes very long for it to be made, so even though it's his birthday today, he still doesn't have it. =(

However, as I would like for him to open something on the day of, Adam's sister, Amanda, and I bought some felt, ripped open an old pillow from my house and decided to make him a stuffed poo (with a penguin attached). Amanda taught me how to make blanket stitches and we started our test subject the penguin. I ended up doing everything ok, though Amanda had to help me fix my templates (cuz they were always lopsided) and the stitches obviously look amateur. I did most of the work on the penguin and Amanda made and stuffed the feet.

The poo was actually a little more work! Amanda made the top poop with one round circle, one long rectangle and three triangles. I made the two bottom parts with some instructions from Amanda and together we put the three parts together. There were a lot of errors on the poo that I never bothered fixing, I figured it's a piece of poo anyway :D Below are the pics!

Happy Birthday King Pooface!!