Monday, May 21, 2012

Phoenix, AZ

I had a rather eventful and fulfilling day today in Phoenix, quite unexpected actually.
My flight was at 8am, which required that I leave my house at 6am, which required that I wake up at around 4:30am, which resulted in me not sleeping at all the night before since I had a lot of things to do before I left. But then I ended up doing so much all day even with the lack of sleep!
  • I watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollow Part 2 on the plane, then slept for two hours. 
  • Picked up my car rental (I love Jettas!), drove to my hotel and checked in
  • Changed into a skirt and tank, looked up places to go visit and eat, decided on a schedule, then headed to Wal-Mart.
  • At Wal-Mart, I bought sunscreen, tried on a couple of hats and bought a cute one, wandered around for a little bit and then went on my merry way to the Desert Botanical Garden.
  • I was at the Garden for maybe an hour before I almost died of heat stroke, despite having done everything the website told me to do before I went. I ended up resting in their Welcome centre for a good 20 minutes before I left the place.
  • Drove to Downtown Phoenix and went shopping! First stop was Urban Outfitters and bought a dress and two shirts. Then went to a couple of other stores but didnt buy anything. Bought a drink at Starbucks and went online for a bit.
  • Drove to Nobou restaurant, had a fantastic 3-course meal (restaurant week apparently).
  • Came back to the hotel, showered, wrote some reviews, did some prep for tomorrow and now i'm ready for bed.