Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fall Fashion: Rain Boots??

As we all know, boots have been all the rage for a while now. I think it started with the knee-high boots, or as I recall what has been called hooker boots or Come F*** Me Boots; and then after a couple of years of all types going in and out of style, it went all the way down to ankle boots, which came back with a vengeance last year (in keeping with this whole 80s fashion that has been going on for too long now.) Oh, and not to mention, the Ugghlies, of which I am now an unfortunate owner (received as a gift...they are, however, as I reluctantly admit, very comfortable and warm.)

Come on, if you had gone to Australia, say, five years ago, you would have never thought those Ugghlies would sweep America off of its feet (hehehe). But it did, and it continues to. So if I were to tell you that these babies would come into fashion soon, you'd believe me right?

Okay, well I kid. No one I know in Toronto owns a pair of rain boots, we hardly own umbrellas. The reality is, we will never need a pair (whereas Ugghlies are pretty warm for the harsh winters there.) There is this thing called "car", which I have been pretty deprived off since I left Toronto, that replaces umbrellas and rain boots. I know it rained all summer in Toronto this year, and last year as well, but if you had to walk for a couple of blocks in the rain, the well-maintained roads (seriously, no joke) and drainage system usually will not allow water puddles or mud soak your feet or splash on you. Even in the winter, the slush is nicely shovelled to the side without problems. When we think of rain boots, we think of these:

But alas, what most of us probably failed to realize is that there are lesser places in the world that does rain all the time, where the roads are horribly planned, the drainage system sucks, the snow melts into slush and freezes again back and forth, and the roads are just not shovelled. One of these lesser places is named Boston.

As summer comes into an end and the leaves turn nicely red, yellow, and orange, rain befalls Boston, and mud befalls on us. The FIRST day I got to Boston, I had the fortunate experience of walking to the T (the Bostonian name for their public transit system) on a dirt path along the highway in the rain from home. My shoes did not look pretty. I noticed a girl on the T, however, wearing rain boots and I thought to myself, "What a great idea! I'm going to get me a pair!!" Funny thing was, I thought finding a pair of nice looking rain boots would be hard, but little did I know, rain boots are fall necessities not just in Britain, but also in Boston. Almost every store that sells shoes in Boston, sell rain boots ...even Aldo (Did anyone else know that Aldo sells rain boots?)

Apparently, rain boots, sometimes used interchangeably with Wellies (supposed to go up to your knees), or Waders (supposed to go up to your chest), or galoshes (supposed to cover your shoes), is a part of the fall fashion here in Boston. Here are some fashionable ones:

Which ones did I get? Hunter Wellington Boots in black, with red Wellie Socks for lining and cuff!!

FYI: Hunter’s Wellington boots are actually famous for its durability, comfort and performance... Hunter caters to all sorts of people from farmers to rock stars to the royalty [my box tells me it's appointed by the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh!]

*EDIT: Apparently, Eldon says Hunter boots are popular in Toronto. I ran a google search on "hunter boots toronto" and found a blog entry from last year that talked about it. According to this girl, you can find hunter boots at approximate four locations in Toronto...they are about as mainstream as Salvatore Ferragamo handbags!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

i want to eat

  • a big piece of steak
  • indian food
  • pad thai 
  • beef short ribs

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First Few days in Boston

  1. The taxi driver ripped us off on our way from the aiport to Newton. $73 for the ride. it also rained pretty hard when i first got here.
  2. Day 1 consisted of getting a lot of presents (a new wallet and a new BB) and going to two malls. Adam knows how to treat a girl right.
  3. Day 2 = going to Chinatown and finding out Chinatown is really Viet-town. It has more Vietnamese restaurants than Chinese restaurants. There were three stores we found that sold Vietnamese bread so we bought two bread from each store to test out which one is gonna be the best. Yes, that is what i have been eating for lunch in the last couple of days.
  4. The "T" is ridiculously old and and manual. No more complaining about the TTC.
    • Tried to exchange a bus ticket at the T (their name for their transit system) and the dude told me to go to Avad square. After much commotion, we realized he said Harvard Square.
    1. I got complimented by a girl walking around Tufts Univeristy. She really liked my outfit.
    2. Someone at the bank asked me how I liked Boston. I said it was "alright" and he was all shocked. He then asked me where I am from and I said "Toronto" and he became defeated and said, "Oh ok...Toronto is a nice city"
    That's all for today, more to come other days, hopefully. I keep saying that.