Sunday, February 24, 2013


There, I said it, it's out in public.
Here is why:
For my birthday, Caleb bought me a macbook air. The last time I owned an Apple product was 2005, a gift of a 3G ipod nano (what is it now after 8 years? 15G?). I hated itunes then. I never could figure out how to use it. Now, at the tender age of 29 - here i am being technically challenged again (last week i learned how to mess with web apps and repackage .war files with very little help from caleb and a lot of help from the internet and yet i can't install a single app on my macbook...WTF).

I've been avoiding signing up with itunes for the last two months since i've had my computer. Last week, I finally created an account when i needed to talk to Matt using facetime. Fine, whatever. account created. (I probably have another account somewhere when i had my nano) (oh and another sidenote, i've not touched my nano for 5 years now and it looks brand new - why? because i hate itunes.)

So today, I wanted to install evernote on the mac to plan my trip to australia with Caleb.
1. google evernote for mac
2. click download
3. taken to itunes
4. tried to click download
5. asked me to sign in
6. sign in with account, asked me to register and review my itunes data
7. agreed to terms, filled out all information, until i get to billing
8. I CANNOT continue unless i put in a credit card info?!
9. press cancel
10. Back to square one, unable to sign in because i cannot register
11. google how to use itunes without my credit card
12. find FAQ "How to create itunes account without credit card"
13. tried for 5 minutes trying to find how to use itunes account without credit card - apple has no answer
14. found answer on youtube video
15. follow the instructions on this TEN MINUTE video
16. had to create a NEW account, because old one would not work.
17. finally registered, tried to find evernote in itunes
18. searched for evernote, would not start in my computer - why?
19. looked around for five minutes and figured out how i just downloaded evernote for iphones. WTF - why is this even possible?!?!?!
20. searched for evernote in itunes again, in attempt to find MAC version
21. CANNOT find versions that are not ipad or iphones....
22. went back to google to google evernote for mac
23. went to evernote site, clicked on download, and app store opened up - wtf is the diff and why do i have itunes then?!
24. clicked install app - computer asked me to restart....okay
25. computer restarts, searched for evernote in spotlight - does not exist
26. opened app store again, evernote was not installed....
27. clicked resume download...finally....


/end rant.