Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Have you ever felt like regardless of what you do, how hard you work, what choices you make, thoughtful or not, you end up just in some "category" of people in someone's eyes? Someone will know you and make predictions about you because you fit in with a "type" - and more often than not they are usually right.

"Oh I know people like him"
"Oh I've had people like her - she's good, but this isn't what she wants and she won't be around to stay"
"He's gonna want more money later, you will see"
etc., etc.

Sometimes they're right because they know who you are as a person after a long time, sure. But I'm talking about the people you are not up close and personal with - and after knowing you for a short time, they know the pattern. Yes, you fit into a pattern. I fit into a pattern. A pattern for every aspect of our lives. Sure we may be all made up of a mish mash of patterns and we are all a giant mosaic, each person a stain glass window that looks slightly different if you look hard. But from afar, everyone looks the same - just a giant palette of uncontrolled colours.