Monday, October 19, 2009

Coffee in Medford--Cambridge

I have figured out why my caramel Americano is sub-par from the SB downstairs of our building: their pump for the caramel syrup is stuck. This morning, I decided to tell them to add another pump of syrup to my drink and saw that only half of the syrup is being squirted out for every pump, drastically reducing the flavour, and of course, the sugar. Also, the hot water is not hot enough, causing my coffee to be lukewarm after I add cream to it. There are a couple ways I can mitigate this problem:
  1. Suck it up and deal with sub-par coffee (not an option)
  2. Ordering a different flavour with hopes that the pumps are working (but I like Caramel)
  3. Asking for a Grande three-quarter full 6 pump caramel Americano (that would make me sound crazy)
  4. Stop by another SB somewhere along my commute to work (quite time-consuming)
  5. Stop drinking from SB and drink the free coffee at work (I would have to buy cream)
  6. Stop drinking from SB and make my own coffee (I would have to buy filters, coffee, and/or new machine)
 Solution 6 is the lesser of the 6 evil. We have yet to go grocery shopping though. We don't even have salt in the house. This is a boring post, I know.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I found a job

I haven't been really good at letting people know I got a job...apparently even in person I would forget to say something. I guess I just didn't see it as a big deal, though it was such a big deal to get a job when I actually didn't have one.

So here is the stat:
I'm working at a company called CoreStreet and they provide solutions for secure identities, which means, as the technical writer there, I am trying to very hard to learn about Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) so i can actually write about it. To make you jealous, the company provides catered lunches daily, as well as monthly T passes. The office is located in Cambridge, and there are approximately 20 people working there (very small) and everyone is very friendly.

In terms of where we live, we just moved in the week Jen, Kenny, and Matt came to visit us (Oct. 1). The city we live in is called Medford, and it's probably the equivalent of what Yonge and Eg would be to Toronto downtown core as Medford would be to Boston core. The place is brand new and lives like a hotel. Adam and I have been putting all our money into decorating the house, and it looks pretty good, but you gotta come visit to believe it ;). We don't have enough money to fill the house with furniture yet, so pictures will no be coming until I start getting paid :D  The three weekends we have been here, we have had visitors from Toronto, which is pretty awesome, but more about that another day.

Last, but not least, Boston is a great city, minus the transportation part of the city!

That's all for now!