Monday, March 30, 2009

How to Stick Your Tongue Out

I know I've been updating really often: it's indicative of how much time I spend in front of my computer NOT doing work. Today's topic is about sticking out your tongue.
I often see people take pictures with their tongue sticking out, but it's often done really lamely
Kinda like this:
Note: Sticking out the tip of your tongue with your lips closed over it, defeats the entire purpose of sticking out your tongue. 
Remember when you were a little kid and your mom told you it's rude to stick your tongue out? And then when you get lectured by someone and you dont want to listen, you show your dismay by sticking your tongue out at them? 
The whole point of sticking your tongue out is to be gross, ugly, and insolent! Free yourself from conventions!  What's the point of taking a picture with your tongue sticking out like that? If you're worried that you won't look good, then don't do it at all. If you're going to do it, do it right!

Happy Monday :D

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Clubbing in the TdOt

Recently I've been uploading a few pictures of my friends and I at clubs on Facebook. At the same time, I've been tagged on photos at parties and club events. BUT some of these events happened a LONG time ago and all of a suddet everyone seems to be uploading their pictures. Going through facebook and seeing a bunch of pictures with me at clubs is just weird and it makes it feel like I go partying a lot, which is highly untrue. Here are the real recent partying pics for the last two months. It's really not that many. And I swear to you that I hate leaving the house due to the immense guilt of unfinished papers that overwhelms as soon as I change out of my PJs.

Feb. 28th - Kenny's Bday at C-Lounge.

Mar. 15th - Elvin's Bday at home in Waterloo.

Mar. 20th - Eldon's Bday at Easy on the Fifth.

Mar.19 - Adam's friend's bday at embassy

What a trip last night. We needed to stay in Waterloo to do our work but adam didnt want to miss his friend's bday so we drove downtown from loo at 9pm and came back to loo at 4am. 
See! I feel guilty for leaving my cave!!!

Back to finishing my papers now!!

Summer Schedule

I found out on Friday that I was accepted into the Taiwanese Tech Trek program, which involves me doing a ~2 month internship in Taiwan. My placement is with Academia Sinica in their Research Centre for Humanities and Social Sciences,  specifically for their program of historical demography, which sounds really boring, but we'll see!

Thankfully I bought my plane tickets scheduled around that time (i.e., June 24th-August 16th) early so it's only $1240!! Adam will be arriving June 28th and leaving some time mid-july. Hopefully i'll get somewhere nice to live and he can stay with me >.< 

I will be arriving in Vancouver on the 18th of August and going to Seattle thereafter....

Monday, March 16, 2009


I just want to point out that I know going to Seattle is a big committment and I re-think my decision everyday, which is why I didn't really want to announce it on here. So for those of you who think that it is an irreversible decision, it is not. You might expect that I write a post on here one day declaring that I am no longer going with or without details of my reasoning.

My Telus Cell Phone(s)

I have a small dilemma. I own a crappy Motorola W385 that
  • Runs out of battery in approximately 1.5 days with no usage
  • Doesn't ring loud enough for anyone to hear
  • Also doesn't actually ring until the caller hears a second ring tone so people usually hang up by the time I pick up if I'm luck enough to even hear it.
Needless to say, I am a bad person when it comes to phone calls. I rarely pick up because I either don't hear it or the phone is dead. Sometimes, it dies while I'm talking. (BTW, Motorolas are horrible when it comes to battery life, don't get them). The reason why this is my phone is simple: i lost my phone a few times. I had to spend as little money as I can on a new phone every time thus I am left with Pay and Talk phones from Telus for $100.

It's been about a year-ish since I've had my W385 and I'm getting seriously sick of it. But as a CDMA user with a great company and a seriously cheap plan not on contract, I cannot buy a new phone as it will not carry over to Seattle. CDMA companies are mean like that. This means I either have to:
  1. Suck it up and use this damn phone for another 4 months-ish before I go to Seattle; or
  2. Buy a cheap second-hand phone.
But what is cheap? Is paying $30 for a phone that's was released 2 years ago cheap? That seems to be the going rate on Craigslist. Having used Samsungs, Motorolas, and LGs, I have to say that if I am to get a new phone that I have to live with for the rest of my life, I'd use Samsung. The one that I've had my eyes on since last year is the Samsung A720 and the cheapest one I found on Craigslist is $50 (silver), which, imo is still considerably expensive considering how fast the retiring rate for phones are these days. To be honest, I would like to spend <$30 on this second hand phone that I may only use for approximately 4 months before it gets thrown into oblivion, as no one I know uses Telus. Ironically, although Telus has discontinued this phone for a while now, I just saw it on its Pay and Talk website for $69.99 refurbished with a $50 activation credit (pink). So for $20 more, I can have an almost brand new phone rather than a second hand phone that I've been wanting for so long?

Hmmm.... Is it worth paying $69.99+tax for a phone I might only use for four months? My soon to be unemployed butt is unable to justify it.

All I know is that the next time I get a cell phone, be it in Seattle or Toronto, I'm going to buy an expensive Samsung phone I like and I'm not going to lose it.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Going to Seattle

Hello -

Thank you for talking with us about opportunities at Microsoft. We appreciate your interest and the time you spent with us.

We have carefully considered your qualifications and skills. In light of our current opportunities, we will be pursuing other candidates whose background and abilities more closely match our needs at this time. If you have any questions, please contact your school recruiter.

Thank you again for your interest. We wish you success in your future academic and professional endeavors.


College Recruiting

During reading week, maybe around Wednesday, I got an E-mail from College recruiters at Microsoft informing me that I had a pre-screening interview for PM, if I get it, I get flown to Seattle for the real full-day interview. Rather than spending the rest of the reading week in Toronto, Adam and I came back to Waterloo on Friday to study for the interview (for those of you who don't know, interviews for PM are full of logistic questions to test your thinking skills so studying for the format is pretty important).

Anyway, so after four grueling days of studying, I didn't get the position. Not that I really expected to get it, given my non-technical background, I'd really have had to impress them with my answers, which I didn't feel that I did. I was never really good with interviews.

In the last couple of months, Adam and I have been applying for jobs in Seattle, mostly tech writing positions, because of my current experience. I have not heard a single reply since. I joke around and tell people that when I get to Seattle, I will actually get to be a full-time bum. As great as that can sound, I've been told that it's only fun for the first week. My mom also shakes her head and wonders why I pursue a Masters degree and decide to do nothing with it.

Well, I mean, it's not that I really want to be a bum. Even without the recession, it wouldn't be easy for someone with a Master of English Rhetoric and Communications Design to find a job in the states that's willing to give you a working Visa.

So where do I go from there? Honestly, I don't really know. Did I mention I'm moving to Seattle...sort of? It's not going to be easy leaving Toronto to live in a city that really has nothing going for me, except for my boyfriend. And well, it's not even like I can be a resident there, since I would need a Visa to stay there longer than 3-6 months or something. No health insurance, no legitimate driver's license, you get the point.

In reality, I would imagine that I wouldn't be there for longer than three months, which is pretty long for someone without a job. Time only goes by fast when you have a job, and I've always had a job, since I was in grade 7. I can only imagine the fights that happen when Adam goes off to work in the morning coming home tired and I've been bored out of my mind wanting his attention. I can also imagine the nagging from him about different ways of finding a job and me lacking the motivation to look--it's not exactly encouraging when you don't hear replies. And the guilt of living off of someone else's salary. How will I get to go shopping and eat all the yummy food I'd like to try?

But even before that...what about the move? There will be no goodbye parties, obviously, since who knows how long I can actually be there for. And what about the packing? Am I going to get turned away at the border for packing too much? How much should I pack? Can't pack too much in case i get turned away. Can't pack too little cuz I don't want to cross the border too many times, and it'd be expensive.

It sounds like it's going to be stressful times. But then again, I've been pretty emo lately myself: that Microsoft interview had seriously drained my energy and then immediately afterwards I got incredibly sick despite no coughing and fever--just an extremely bad case of the sniffles. Can't breathe, can't focus, can't even get up from bed. Gotta get my life together again soon. In the meanwhile, gotta start on those papers I've been putting off and maybe start applying for jobs again.

Someone hug me.

*Edit: I just found out that a bunch of ppl from CS got rejected, so I feel a little better...I think...